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Valuations are marked with the quality label NWWI.

The Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut is an independent, national valuation institute thats responsible for the quality mark for valuators.

The NWWI only works with valuators that comply with strict quality demands. All registered valuators work according thesame, transparent valuation method. With this mark, NWWI guarantees objective and reliable housing valuations.

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From now we are working with flat rates for both NWWI valuations as regular valuations, these rates are related to the highest valuated value as registered in the valuation report:

Valuated value NWWI Valuation Regular Valuation
to € 150.000,- € 350,- € 250,-
from € 150.000,- to € 250.000,- € 400,- € 300,-
from € 250.000,- to € 350.000,- € 475,- € 375,-
from € 350.000,- to € 500.000,- € 550,- € 450,-
from € 500.000,- to € 700.000,- € 725,- € 625,-
Higher in consult in consult
Valuations are exclusive 21% vat.

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